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We have an authentic Greek catering menu for just about any occasion you can think of. Whether you are looking to impress a new client, feed wedding guests, host a birthday party or a simple social gathering, let us handle the food for you! Your Greek Cousin is only a phone call or an online order away!

Package 1
$ 15.99

Includes your choice of 2 proteins, spinach rice, Greek salad (w/ feta cheese), hummus, tzatziki (cucumber-yogurt dip), and pita bread.

Package 2
$ 18.49

Includes your choice of 2 proteins, lemon potatoes, Greek salad (w/ feta cheese), hummus, tzatziki (cucumber-yogurt dip), and pita bread. Consider adding drinks and desserts.

Package 3
$ 60.00

($5.00 / person) serves 12 Includes spanakopita (w/ chopped spinach, feta cheese & onions), dolmades (meat & rice wrapped in grape leaves) and falafel (w/ ground chickpeas). Consider adding drinks and desserts

Build Your Own Gyro
$ 12.99

Includes your choice protein & salad, and pita bread. Consider adding drinks and desserts.

Fresh recipes

Authentic Mediterranean flavors come from authentic Mediterranean recipes. Recipes that we use everyday.

Party snacks

No matter what the request we try to meet the need. From desserts to full meals, and snack that keep things interesting.


We cater for any occasion, we want to celebrate with you !


We buy our ingredients fresh every day. We believe our customers deserve the best.

Catering For Family

We understand how stressful planning events can be, especially when it comes to ordering the food. Which is why we make the catering process as seamless as possible. It’s as simple as 1,2,3 with us.

Lamb Or Chicken

Whether its chicken or lamb we have the meat’s for the occasion. We slow cook our meat so that we can lock in as much flavor for the event. So that aa time goes by the food stays enjoyable.

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Rice Or Fries

Both our rice and our fries are seasoned. Depending on the event on choice might be better suited than the other. However either way your guest will be satisfied with the flavor.

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Greek Salad

When in doubt choose salad. Its a healthy option packed with natural flavor. We make sure to use fresh vegetables when making each batch for events.

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