fresh, tasty and crunchy


We wanted to bring the taste of modern Greece with a classic Mediterranean flare to South Florida.

tasty and crunchy


From our fresh authentic Greek-Cypriot crunchy salads, to our popular Gyros and traditional dishes, our goal is to satisfy each and every appetite.

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fresh, tasty and crunchy

Our Menu

Choose from any of our highly satisfying platters.

$ 11.49


The Almighty Gyro
$ 12.99

Fries Tucked Away In Pita , Choice of Meat - Lamb or Chicken

Grilled Chicken Gyro
$ 11.49
Grilled Souvlaki
$ 12.99

Lamb, Pork or Mixed

Make It A Combo (Gyro)
$ 4.50

Your Choice of Fries, Spinach Rice or Salad, Fountain Drink

Add Extra Meat (Gyro)
$ 4.00

Add more lamb meat to your Gyro !

Greek Salad

Come try our famous greek salad.

Want to stay healthy without sacrificing taste? Our salad is just what you need. It’s made with fresh veggies and topped with feta cheese with are house salad dressing on side. This salad can be topped with your choice of meat (chicken , lamb, or beyond meat). Come in anytime to try it you won’t be disappointed you did.

Beyond Meat

Beyond Belief

We also have vegan options, our most popular is the beyond gyro. It is a gyro but it unlike its sister dishes this gyro has some special ingredients. Coupled with the beyond meat is our signature creamy sauce that adds a bit of a kick to the gyro’s overall flavor. If you want to experience it for yourself just stop by we will be waiting.


Sweet Tooth Anyone ?

We also serve hand made desserts like cheesecake , baklava and pita chips. These desserts are savory and so wholesome. Our pita chip are made with a cinnamon finish that make that first bit just a bit more flavorful. Our baklava is topped with syrup after a golden brown finish to capture the sweetness of the dish overall. We also have a bit over here.

Try Our Gyro

Can’t Beat A Classic

Our gyro is our staple dish. It’s packed with veggies and meat with Tzaziki sauce to create a combination of flavors that have kept customers coming back for years. There aren’t many things that are this reliable so when you order a gyro just know you are in for a truly satisfying experience.

Greek Combo

The Right Combination

What is better than a gyro?  Simple a gyro combo. Now you get to have the amazing gyro with your choice of a drink with fries. Our fries a tossed in a special ”red” seasoning  that brings out the perfect balance spice and saltiness. Coupled with the right drink and now you have truly satisfying lunch experience.

Wine & Salad

Let’s unwind with some wine.

We have a selection of wine procured from South Africa that we would love to share with you. Picture this you and your partner relaxing and enjoying a lovely evening dinner comprised of freshly made salads and chilled wine. Why not experience  flavors that capture the Mediterranean in one bite or one sip. Choice is yours.